Everything you need for SMM business

Sommerce allows you to create a social media business with a unique website and automated processes.
  • Storefront
  • Website builder
  • Admin area
  • Mobile friendly

    Your webstore will be fully responsive in mobile and tablet devices

  • SEO optimized

    Optimize the keywords and meta description of your pages

  • Free hosting

    Forget about paying the hosting, focus on things that really matter

  • Free SSL certificate

    Keep your customers' data confidential and boost your website's SEO

  • Sitemap.xml

    The file that contains all the website's URLs and information about them.

  • Robots.txt.

    Automatic creation of the Robots.txt file that contains all the instructions for search robots

  • Automatic creation of Robots.txt file

    The file that contains all the website pages' URLs and information about them.

  • Buy a domain

    Buy a domain using Sommerce platform with no extra service fees

  • Connect a domain

    Specify a domain while ordering a store and setup the nameservers.

  • Fast image loading (CDN)

    All the images from your website will be loaded faster due to distributed servers

  • More than 900 fonts.

    Use free fonts library to make your website unique

  • Free icons library.

    Free-to-use icons library that helps you create unique content

  • Blocks library

    Predefined customizable blocks that can easily be added to your website

  • Free photo library

    Find suitable images in our library and add them to your website in one click

  • Global element styles.

    Customize button and font styles in one place

  • Favorites

    Save the most usable blocks and then reuse them on other pages keeping the same styles and content

  • Undo/Redo changes

    If you've done something wrong — switch to the previous version with one click

  • Flexible block settings

    Setup a background color or image, use paddings and customize items inside

  • Work with text

    Change text color and style, make it a link or anchor, make it a list

  • Staff

    Manage your staff members and enable them to use your store's admin area, don't act alone

  • Orders

    Keep all orders in one place, check each order's details or manage orders manually if needed

  • Payments

    All the necessary payment details are easy to find.

  • Customers

    Keep track of your customers, total amount of money spent by each customer and view customer details

  • Products

    Split your packages into products, based on the category, duplicate a package for a faster setup

  • Pages

    Create or edit your web pages, manage each page SEO settings, or change page’s URL

  • Discounts

    Use discounts as a powerful marketing tool to improve your store's sales and get more customers

  • Reports

    Get a quick info about sales, visitors and profit, as an important part of your business

  • General settings

    Upload your website's favicon, change the currency or timezone, enable tax settings

  • Payment methods

    Enjoy the most popular payment methods integrated in your SMM store

  • SMM providers

    Add providers to proceed with all the orders automatically, that doesn’t require any programming knowledge

  • Integrations

    Easy to connect an online chat, analytics or email service. Can't find the one you need? Let us know!

  • Notifications

    Use the email builder to customize your store's notifications. You can send real data using variables

  • Languages

    Translate the system messages to the language that you need, simple to switch between languages

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